Margot Andersen, MSW, RYT


Margot Andersen brings a unique perspective to her Creating Resilience counseling practice. Having personally experienced the traumas of divorce, a child with mental illness, chronic migraines, serious health issues, and the death of her own son Adam at the age of 29, she is sensitive to and passionate about cultivating resilience in others.  Despite facing so much adversity in her own life, she exudes positivity and strength.

Margot received her masters in Social Work from Loyola University after graduating with honors from New York University.  She is a registered yoga teacher specializing in anxiety, depression and trauma (LifeForce Yoga® Level 2 Practitioner). Margot is a certified teacher of mindfulness and meditation techniques through the Institute of Jewish Spirituality.  A masterful storyteller, Margot is also a gifted motivational speaker, weaving poignant and humorous stories together.  She has been a long time consultant and advocate for children and families with special education and mental health challenges.

An empathetic and understanding counselor, Margot embodies emotional resilience, and has learned how to survive and thrive in her own journey.  Margot’s diverse training builds on an intuitive, compassionate nature, enabling her to sensitively approach each client and create an action plan that helps you negotiate life’s ups and downs and develop your own capacity for resilience.