When you’re immobilized by life’s circumstances, Creating Resilience can teach you the strategies you need to take that next step. Margot Andersen, MSW, RYT offers short term, solution-focused mindfulness interventions that will decrease anxiety, chronic pain, and stress, providing you with lifelong skills to thrive in challenging times.  Empowered with resilience skills, you will move more easily through adversity and bounce back from difficult situations.



How We Help

Resilience develops your capacity to adaptively overcome unexpected change, suffering, stress, and chronic pain. Mindfulness skills decrease reactivity and increase ease and well being.

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Who Can Benefit

Everyone faces challenges and adversity throughout their life.   Many experience chronic pain. You don’t have to suffer alone.

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What We Do

Our short term, solution-focused mindfulness approach leaves you with a toolkit of skills that you can use to overcome adversity.

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