Educational Advocacy

As the parent of children with special needs, Margot Andersen, MSW, RYT keenly understands the unique challenges of parenting a child with social, learning or emotional issues. Obtaining the educational supports to which the child is entitled is of the highest concern.   As an educational advocate, Margot guides parents to help them understand their educational rights, and assists parents in partnership with their school district to develop an RtI, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Plan.

Parenting a student with special needs can be exhausting and draining for the parents. Learning to be resilient while riding the roller coaster of a child's daily successes and challenges requires skills that offer calm strength during stormy times.  Acquiring resilience techniques to nurture yourself and increase your ability to weather crises is essential to being both an effective parent and efficient partner with your school.  Margot provides supportive counseling as an educational advocate, easing the anxiety, fear and isolation that parents often experience throughout the Special Education process.

Most parents struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious during the diagnostic phase of learning that their child has a problem. Labels and diagnoses can create fear, resulting in lack of sleep, depression and concern about the future. Creating Resilience skills training helps parents stay mindful in the present moment, practice acceptance of their child's issues and be more compassionate with themselves and what they are going through.  Learning to cognitively reframe thoughts allows "worry" thoughts to dissipate. Through these techniques, parents are less anxious and more able to listen to what the professionals are saying so they can gain a better understanding of their child's unique needs.  By helping to interpret educational and psychological testing, Margot helps parents gain better understanding and acceptance of their child's strengths and weaknesses.